Wedlock Joins The Exquisite Noise Roster

Posted: June 3, 2011 in Internet, music

We here at Exquisite Noise Records are happy to report the signing of veteran electronic outfit Wedlock, who come to us with nearly a decade’s worth of cutting edge work behind them, and some ambitious plans for the future.

Led by mainstay Paul Allgood since their 2004 inception, Wedlock initially drew listeners in with its unique fusion of late 70s and early 80s new wave to more modern dance sensibilities, as well as its provocative lyrics. In conjunction with a somewhat revolving cast of colleagues, Allgood has guided Wedlock through a series of releases which included Matrimony (2006), Exogamy (2008), and Continuity (2009), during which time they also managed to lodge a Top Ten downloaded track on

With their classic “Cuts Both Ways” they are featured on our brand new compilation, Neighborhood Classics, and are planning on releasing their own career-spanning retrospective, Amalgamy, sometime this year for us. Time will tell what the next phase of their career means by way of studio work and live performances, but both they and us here at Exquisite Noise are looking forward to this working relationship.

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