An Instrumentalist Like No Other

Posted: July 22, 2011 in Internet, music

We here at Exquisite Noise are extremely pleased to announce our newest signing, Zayed Hassan. Hailing from Dhaka, Bangladesh, this talented youngster brings a wealth of experience along with his 20 years. Though billed on iTunes as “electronic music” (check out his last album “Spirit” at, this tag really doesn’t do him justice. At the same time, it isn’t as if he’s jumbled together a bunch of crazy sounds, in what often passes for creativity in today’s electronic landscape. On the contrary, a peaceful, somewhat straightforward piano piece such as “Deshi Experimental” gives way to an acoustic guitar workout on “For the World” that makes a listener feel as though Zayed is in the room with him. “Haunted” brings, as the title might suggest, captivating otherworldly sounds into the equation via a multitude of instruments, while with “Emptiness,” a somber church organ is joined by insistently melodic guitar and piano parts that get stuck inside your head with just one listen.

Hassan has his next release slated for December, and we are proud to be working toward that goal furiously here at Exquisite Noise. In the meantime, feel free to check out his tracks here and see what lured us into contacting him in the first place:

  1. Raina Ahmed says:

    Love you so much Zayed! You are outstanding!

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