Reggae The Right Way: Mysta Paqk

Posted: April 9, 2013 in music, Mysta Paqk
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Nah Stoop Low by Mysta Paqk

Mysta Paqk Nah Stoop Low

Gather ’round, my children, it is time to introduce and welcome our newest artist, Mysta Paqk. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, this self taught reggae/dancehall artist began, by his own words, “writing and flowing at an early age,” and was working with professional producers by high school. These days he is the #1 artist in his genre working the Dallas, Texas circuit, and we are understandably excited to be bringing him aboard. While we admittedly cannot profess to have a complete handle on the reggae vernacular, our Exquisite Noise crew thinks that Mysta promotes a positive message, and if nothing else he can certainly claim a sunny vibe. For proof,  please consult his debut single, Nah Stoop Lownow available on Amazon, iTunes, Spotify and elsewhere.

Let us know what you think. We consider ourselves as a community here at Exquisite Noise, committed to promoting one another’s efforts, and if you ask us, our quest for exciting underground music has unearthed another gem.


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