Country, Steroids, Soul: Zach Lunsford

Posted: May 7, 2013 in music, recording, Self Publishing, Zach Lunsford
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Zach Lunsford of Exquisite Noise Records


Cleveland, Georgia native Zach Lunsford has been singing since he was 13 and has subsequently criss-crossed the southeast performing live. If he had one request for this press release, however,  announcing that he has become the latest Exquisite Noise signing, it was that we kept it short, simple, and to the point. So we will do our best to oblige him. In keeping it brief, let us just say that when we stumbled onto his ReverbNation profile (fast becoming a black hole of time consumption for us, that site), we immediately liked his style. Zach himself says his music has been described as “country music on steroids with a touch of old fashioned soul,” and as we would be hard pressed to top that statement, we’ll just leave it stand.

Currently, Zach is recording his debut album for us, with a release slated for sometime this summer. In the meantime, please listen to some cuts on his Reverb profile and show some support for this newest addition to our family!


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