“Hold My Own” hits the shelves

Posted: August 8, 2013 in music, Zach Lunsford
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Zach Lunsford of Exquisite Noise Records


Though this Cleveland, Georgia trio’s debut CD has in fact been out for weeks now at some select retailers, and is already officially our label’s biggest YouTube success, we’re feeling like its iTunes and Amazon launch is reason enough to sing Hold My Own‘s praises all over again. Self recorded on a shoe string (which, after all, is what we’re about, the very essence of our being, the sun around which…well, you get the point), the raw yet powerful performances in an instant reminded us – and hopefully every person that gives a listen – what country music is supposed to sound like. Not pop music with a little bit of twang, but rather strong songwriting, a somewhat gritty, somewhat plaintive voice, and no frills production. Do yourself a favor and check out Hold My Owneven if you think (as I admittedly had for years) that you can’t stand modern country music.


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