Zayed Hassan and Exquisite Noise Team Up for Charity

Posted: April 29, 2014 in Internet, music, Zayed Hassan
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Exquisite Noise's World Music Ambassador

Exquisite Noise’s World Music Ambassador

We are pleased to announce that Exquisite Noise Records and our “world music ambassador” Zayed Hassan, a rising star from Dhaka, Bangladesh, have agreed to donate 100% of all the revenues earned from his tracks for us to Fender Music Foundation, a nonprofit organization dedicated to putting instruments into children’s hands, often through educational programs in schools.

Zayed has thus far contributed 3 songs to compilation CDs for our label. Do everyone a favor and spin a track or two – it’s for a good cause! Here are the Spotify links:

Giddy Dancer

Heaven In My Dream

Leap Of Faith

Of course, you can play these tracks (or even better, download them) from your content provider of choice. It doesn’t matter – every penny goes to this charity. Music education and access to instruments mean a lot to us, and we applaud Zayed for his getting behind this cause as well.


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