Cherry Mosaic: Eclectic English Rock

Posted: November 19, 2014 in Cherry Mosaic, music
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Exquisite Noise Record’s newest act, England’s Cherry Mosaic

It’s been a quiet year around the Exquisite Noise offices. Sure we were thrilled to finally put out the Young Vice debut CD, and there were a couple of well received compilations to keep us busy, but there hasn’t been a lot new to come our way that we could get excited about. That all changed when Cherry Mosaic came to our attention, an English rock band with a little bit of everything to offer.

Singer Deborah Moody (sorry to start there, musicians, but it’s basically industry standard) is classically trained and gives the impression of being able to pull off just about whatever the band threw her way. Simon Dowson and Dave Burbage contribute guitar, Mark English pulls double duty on the bass and the keys, and all four members contribute to the songwriting, with session drummers at present fleshing out the lineup.

Overall, while I would say there is a bit of a distinctly British feel to their music, they cover too broad a palette to be pigeonholed that simply. There are elements of rock both current and classic; a little of gloomy, angular 1980s; and then some pop, some operatic touches (particularly with the vocals), a couple forward leaning pieces we couldn’t quite put our finger on at all, but plenty of hooks to go around throughout.

We will soon be releasing their debut single. For now, enjoy the track above, and for further listening check out their ReverbNation page and/or their Soundcloud profile. Cheers!


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