We are pleased to announce that modern hard rock quartet Powerless Rise have just released a brand new EP, Chaos. This is their 2nd effort for our label, and I have to say, we are just as stoked by the styles represented here as we were their debut. Here’s the link for downloading the full EP:




You’ve heard of the Who “Live In Leeds,” but they’ve got nothing on this! Watch Simon and Mark from The Gold Needles, rocking a stage this past weekend…

I Am One Of A Kind

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iaook 900

Hi there everyone. We are pleased to announce the signing of urban/R&B group I Am One Of A Kind, from Brooklyn, New York. They offer an exciting blend of old school rhythm and blues mixed with modern hip-hop production, and we found this a very compelling sound. From their website (, they describe it as such:

“…a fusion of Rythm & Blues with Hip Hop evoking emotion filled songs that make listeners take pause. However, understand that a unique and seamless blend of music genres is what make this band stand out. The Band has a sound that makes them a contemporary group that delivers a solid music experience.”

I think that pretty much sums it up. At any rate, check them out, follow their ReverbNation page (, and by all means, welcome them aboard!


Like most earthlings these days – at least those who listen to music regularly – you are probably already using Spotify. But an article came to our attention recently highlighting why it’s important for musicians to increase their own followers on Spotify. By reaching the 250 follower mark, you are able to claim your own page as a “verified” artist, which unlocks some cool features and benefits. Some great tips for boosting your total are included in the piece as well:

Get Verified On Spotify

Plus, let’s face it, having more followers has to increase your spins and therefore ultimately lead to greater royalties. So with that in mind, I would like to encourage any random passerby to this site to click on the below links, and follow all of your favorite Exquisite Noise artists. Also, for those of you on our roster, a little cross promotion benefits everyone – if we all followed one another, that alone would increase our reach by at least, what, 30 or so, probably a lot more if every band member has his own Spotify account. And by all means, we would love for you to check out our Exquisite Noise playlist , which come to think of it might be the easiest method for clicking through and following all of our artists. But anyway, here are many of their individual pages –

Alex Fehr

Bill Kimes

Cherry Mosaic

Corners Of Sanctuary

FM Creeps

Frank Medley

Get-A-Way Band

Goofy Guys

Jeff Crew

Kevin Spain

Lions Of March

Lost Cause


Powerless Rise

Quigley G


The Gold Needles

The Judas Cow


XT Force

Zach Lunsford

Zayed Hassan

This is a good start at least. As always, and as mentioned in the article, it’s a great idea to start and circulate playlists with some of your own tracks sprinkled in the mix (don’t just play your own album over and over again – that’s a good way to get yourself booted from Spotify, as one of our artists discovered). So thanks for helping us out, and now is the time to start promoting your own band (brand) as well!


Big news today in the Exquisite Noise camp – our award winning international artist Zayed Hassan is in the running for a Grammy nomination! As a result, we received an invite to the event. Who knows if anyone in our camp will actually attend – we could always blow this off and then claim we were “too cool” for such officially sanctioned industry events – but the truth is that this is pretty exciting. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for a Zayed win!

The Gold Needles – Girl You Will Be Mine

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The Gold Needles – My Summer’s Angel

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