Mix And Match Sampler

This just in: the Mix And Match Exquisite Noise Sampler

Long rumored to be in the works, we have finally gotten the pieces in place to offer, well, not exactly by popular demand, but by some twisted avenue of our imagination, what we here at Exquisite Noise always thought was an awesome idea: you, the fan, pick any 20 tracks you want from our considerable catalog of material (see below), you even select the running order, and we ship you this customized CD for a flat 7 dollars. Sound pretty mind blowing? Yeah, we think so too. Some of it is well known to our listeners, some of these choices are previously unreleased. Some of it probably even sucks, but hey, that’s up to you to decide. Email us your running order to exquisitenoiserecords@yahoo.com, and we’ll take it from there. Happy hunting!

All Pain No Gain: Dragging You Down

                                          When It’s My Time

Ball Gazer:  On My Mama

                            Sofa King

                            Winning Team

Bing:  Party

FM Creeps:   Nobody Stranger

                              Scary Theme

                             Stock Car Superstar

Goofy Guys:    Everything’s Sharp (Butter Knives)

Tore Off The Frame

Lions Of March: Blood Brothers

Bruises Easy

Really Miss You

Gary Coleman

My Name Is Quigley G

Bumps During Moving

Trampled Under Foot

She Wants To Go


Reasons Why


Can’t Figure It Out

Metric Years

Lost Cause:  Human Nature

The Judas Cow:  Golddigger

                              Last Summer

                             Mid-Sized City


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