Our Roster Of Talent

Alphabetic Directory:

3 Bricks Shy            Alex Fehr              All Pain No Gain              Bill Kimes

Bishop Robinson/Steve Blood             Celadon Candy                Cherry Mosaic

Coreign                    Corners Of Sanctuary             FM Creeps                      Goofy Guys

Kaelin The Leo/Lost Cause                   Kevin Spain                     Lions Of March

Mysta Paqk              Pinko                      Powerless Rise                Quigley G

Rick Lally                  Rota          The Get-A-Way Band/Frank Medley           The Gold Needles

The Judas Cow          The Knives         Ulisseus                 Val Barin                         VVS!

Wedlock                    XT Force                 Zach Lunsford               Zayed Hassan

3 Bricks Shy:

3 Bricks Shy is comprised of indie songwriters Rick Lally, Shay Ryburn and Melinda Highfill. Their music is gaining popularity across the globe with their cool contemporary Americana style. Their songs stretch across genres. They have been described as funky bluesy rock americana pop. They currently have two albums and are working on a third. Find them on iTunes, Amazon Music, Spotify, CD Baby and most online music outlets.

Alex Fehr:


This multi-instrumentalist from Pennsylvania plays everything well,  and has a real gift for hummable hooks! His style is somewhat reminiscent of your favorite guitar heroes from the 70s and 80s (Van Halen, Satriani) but with a distinctly modern twist. Check out his great new album now, available as a physical CD, and also as a digital download on Amazon!

All Pain No Gain:

Ashland Ohio one man show specializes in metal and industrial but has been known to throw left field curves with country, bluegrass, and even pop touches – though the latter is no surprise as his songs are always catchy.

Bill Kimes:

An authentic troubadour from the 1970s who continues to play out on a regular basis, Bill has been with us from basically day one and continues to amaze! With his smooth voice and tuneful acoustic picking, his sets usually consist of half originals and half well chosen covers, and are always a delight to witness. Here’s one such clip, from a “living room concert” in 2007:

Currently he has a handful of singles out, released here and there through the years. He is working to compile all of his material, which includes both originals and covers, into one comprehensive album.

Bishop Robinson/Steve Blood:

This duo has crafted a compelling, unique sound that we’re not even sure how you’d begin to categorize – all we know is that we like it. If pressed I suppose you’d have to say they play modern jazz of sorts, but with the occasional space rock transmissions from a distant planet and a whole lot of other curveballs thrown at the listener. Or something like that.


Celadon front 1462x1490

Though originally an offshoot of EDM legends Wedlock, CeladonCandy’s Paul Allgood and Jason Bowden soon instilled their “side project” with a life of its own. 2016 finds them gearing up with their latest release, Celadonia, which is basically a state of the union address for electronic music right now.


Cherry Mosaic:


England’s one and only Cherry Mosaic

A band hailing from England and skillfully merging a number of styles, as well as the limber vocals of singer Deborah Moody, Cherry Mosaic are just now returning to active duty after a decades-long absence from the scene. Returning as an active entity after an extended hiatus, they released the single “Breakdown” in 2014 and followed that up with a full length release, Twisted Hearts,  in 2015.

Get it now on Amazon: Twisted Hearts



Our newest addition to the Exquisite Noise roster! This duo from Switzerland has an extensive back catalog, and we’re excited to help them break through here in the States. Though they describe themselves as a “progressive hard rock” outfit, this married couple in fact experiments with any number of styles, from rock, blues, funk to punk and everything in between. Give them a listen here:

Corners Of Sanctuary:


A hard rock band at the forefront of what has been termed the New Wave Of Traditional American Heavy Metal, this Pennsylvania quartet brings both serious chops and surprising melodicism to its pulverizing offerings. They’ve been at this game a number of years now and are constantly playing shows, so if they happen to hit your town, be sure to check them out!

Corners Of Sanctuary Soundcloud

Corners Of Sanctuary Instagram

Corners Of Sanctuary Bandcamp

COS personal website

Declaration Of Metal – get it now on Amazon!

FM Creeps:

spooktacular Ohio combo FM Creeps


Very little is known about spooktacular four piece FM Creeps except that they hail from some backwoods town in Ohio and once faked the death of their guitarist…only to “resurrect” him about a year later, while on tour, as part of their nightly show. This is a brilliant enough gimmick in its own right, but their songs – while raw and primitive, make no bones about it – somehow get lodged inside your skull on their own merit, and you find yourself humming them for days after just one listen.

Exquisite Noise fun fact: for reasons we admittedly can’t quite figure out, the FM Creeps’s Scary Theme is our all-time #1 best selling download. Here are some other top tracks of theirs:

Back From The Grave

Glad I’m Not A Carey

Nobody Stranger

FM Creeps Pandora station

The Get-A-Way Band:

The Get-A-Way BandOhio classic rock ensemble contribute 2 exciting tracks to our latest compilation disc, Primordial Greats!


The Get-A-Way Band Pandora station

Led by the charismatic virtuoso Frank Medley for going on four decades, The Get-A-Way Band is known as one of the more popular live draws in their native Mansfield, Ohio region, and have released four discs of original material to date, with a fifth soon on the way. If you had to categorize their music, you might say blues based classic rock, yet this ensemble touches upon virtually every genre in some fashion and can pull off just about anything. If ever in the area and itching for a good show, they are not to be missed. He was actually recently elected to the Mansfield Musician Hall Of Fame – check out his page there:


Purchase links on Amazon:

Catch Me If You Can


Die in the Ghetto


Do You Ever Think Of Me

The Gold Needles:


The Gold Needles – Pearls

This modern British combo fuses the 60s, 70s, 90s and today together in a highly memorable confection you won’t soon forget. Sometimes space rock, sometimes jangle, sometimes sounding like a lost early 70s Kinks gem and sometimes the next great UK explosion, they are tough to pigeonhole but always compelling.

Recently they have released a career-spanning retrospective disc, along with new material, available now on iTunes: Pearls

Follow them at Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/user-88561080

Releases available now on Amazon:

Dreamscape Time EP

Everyone Should Light A Candle For Christmas (single)

My Summer’s Angel (single)

Not Tonight Josephine (single)

Upside Down Smile (EP)

Wicked Shade Of Blue (single)

Goofy Guys:

Goofy Guys Early To Mid Late Classics (2010) – greatest hits compilation is a must for offbeat music fans

These Ohio pranksters actually began their wild ride as wee lads, clear back in 1983. Owing to licensing restrictions for unauthorized samples, a good two-thirds of their material, if not more, remains unreleased to this day. Despite at one point taking an eleven year gap between studio albums, they have in fact been remarkably prolific when their career is taken as a whole:

1986 Goofy Guys

1987 Goofy Guys II

1991 The Flush

           Hot Curly French Fry

            Paint It Green (compilation)

1992  Reent-Toont-Teent-Toont-Tee-Noo-Nee  (EP)


            Jubapa Splat

1993   Countdown To Smell

             Kirk Gibson (EP)

1994    The Lakesiders (EP)

             Goofy Guys III (2 CD) (compilation)

             The Montanya Brief

1996    Table Manners (2 CD)

1997    Goofy Guys (4 CD)

2002   The President Is Missing (rarities)

2004   Why But Of Chaos (2 CD) (compilation)

Though limited edition copies do exist on disc, this collection waited ten years (2014) for a digital release, albeit in much smaller form – only 18 of the original 37 tracks. Owing to uncleared samples and rights to parodies of popular songs, the band spent ten years battling for just this much, but what’s available is definitely worth seeking out.

2008   Butcher’s Premium: Chop House Originals

2010   Early To Mid Late Classics (compilation)

Roughly speaking, their career can be split into four distinct phases. In the early years, banging around on the equivalent of pots and pans and recording themselves on a boombox, drastically different lineups completed the first two albums (Doom J Warrior being the only constant member on both) before taking a long hiatus. In 1991, with founding member XT Force returning and a new recruit, Quigley G brought into the mix, they entered their most steadily productive era, one that, like a low budget Beastie Boys, focused on lifted samples and amateurish rhymes with very little live original music, despite, if nothing else, Quigley’s chops on numerous instruments. Beginning in late ’93, however, the group initially struggled to survive his loss of input, as he was fired under mysterious circumstances, and the band also suffered during this period two separate episodes of Doom J quitting, and the death of Dustin Bones, who had been with them since Goofy Guys II.

Somewhere around mid ’95 they did hit their stride again, with the remaining trio of XT, Doom J, and Weezy now playing a great deal of the material themselves, moving more in an indie rock direction and away from the crude clownishness of their earlier offerings. Finally, after another extended break, during which the three members confess they may not have picked up an instrument once, Quigley G was reinstated in February of 2001 at the urging of XT Force, and the two of them began compiling a monolithic tower of material with sizable contributions by the other two and their first new addition in more than a decade, the slightly older troubadour Agent Nazi 1. For three years solid they recorded pretty much nonstop, and though just one studio effort has thus far emerged (mostly because, as XT confesses, they became overwhelmed and paralyzed by this mountain of tape), they have continued working steadily ever since. A few stray tracks have emerged here and there, and it’s believed that a 2015 release date is likely for their next full length magnum opus.

“We’re about 50% finished with the next record,” XT jokes, “then again, that’s exactly where we were three years ago.”

Goofy Guys Pandora station

The Judas Cow:

The Judas Cow


The Judas Cow were a Columbus, OH group in the Americana/alt-country mold and are currently on hiatus. Led by singer-guitarist Kevin Spain, they cranked out a handful of releases in the first decade of this century and this cut, Mid-Sized City, is a favorite of ours taken from their Last Summer EP. Something about their sound makes it seem as though the band is playing in your living room, with memorable hooks enhanced by Spain’s warm, resonant voice.

Kevin Spain:

Kevin Spain


Both a founding member of Midwest legends Silo The Huskie and our personal heroes the Judas Cow, when Kevin Spain found a spare moment in 2002, he stripped things down for his first solo CD, A Year At Mulford & McClain, from which we have taken “Weave.” We like working in both hot-off-the-press cuts from our bands as well as a classic or two into these compilations, and this haunting instrumental has always been one of our favorites.

Get it now on Amazon: Weave

Kyle Ketsdever:


Statesville, NC musician Kyle Ketsdever

By day a member of local indie super group Tecate Sunrise, by night prone to jamming alone or with whoever else happens to be nearby, Statesville, NC’s Kyle Ketsdever is a gifted multi-instrumentalist as equally at home hitting the RECORD button for 3am improvs as he is covering other famous songs or writing more intricate, detailed ditties. Even at their most chaotic, however, any project he is involved with will be accessible and eminently listenable.

Lions Of March:

Lions Of March Scars Scatter (2004) – recently remastered and available on iTunes!

For you purists out there, we’re also happy to offer a real physical CD!

Sloppy North Carolina indie rockers nonetheless deliver mad charm. Shambling but melodic, they bring a fresh mix of both live archaic instrumentation and more modern digital ones, while their hooks sneak up on you after you’ve written them off as hacks.

Following the release of their 2004 debut, the core three piece band began recording new tracks during the Christmas holiday of that year. Over time, additional members were added, and a solid batch of tunes was developed. In-fighting and a lack of central direction, however, led to endless re-recordings, shifting of studios on numerous occasions, and bickering about the direction of material. Things finally ground to a permanent halt in the summer of 2007 – at the time, the band had swollen its ranks to a seven person roster featuring three guitarists and a female lead singer.

In the wake of this meltdown, very little was accomplished for a number of years. Finally, the original core trio did manage to reunite and stitch together a couple new songs for our 2011 compilation, and a pair more in 2012. Since the beginning of 2017 they have worked almost daily on their sophomore album, and characterize the sessions as very laid back, with this year already having been more productive than any other since Scars Scatter was released.

Individual tracks, available for purchase on Amazon:

Blood Brothers

Bruises Easy

Gary Coleman

Trampled Under Foot

My Name Is Quigley G

She Wants To Go


Really Miss You

Bumps During Moving

Also don’t forget to check out these exciting bonus tracks:

Reasons Why


Lions Of March Pandora station

Lost Cause (a.k.a. Kaelin The Leo):

Lousville, KY rapper Lost Cause

cover art for Lost Cause CD “Home Front” 

Lost Cause is an up and coming hiphop artist currently working in the Louisville, KY region. We released his debut CD, Home Front, in 2013 and are featuring a couple of those tracks on this compilation. A gifted lyricist, when asked recently by us to describe his style and the musical landscape in Louisville, he said, “I started back when I was 14 years old and then I was just free styling and being goofy. As of now the music scene in this city is like an infant: it needs help terribly. My sound and style are unique but honestly I’m a backpack rapper hands down. I rap about what’s around me about real life.”

2015 finds him releasing his follow up CD, From The Dungeon, also on Exquisite Noise Records.

Available now on Amazon:

From The Dungeon (2015)

Home Front (2013)

Lost Cause Soundcloud page:  https://soundcloud.com/kaelin-dickerson1

Mike The Punk:

Mooresville artist Mike The Punk has since retired – at a very young age – from performing music, but we still stand by these early recordings as terrific, raw documents of their era…and hope he will someday return to crafting music again!

Mike The Punk Pandora station

The Perfection (2012) – check out this fresh punk standout’s brand new EP


Mysta Paqk:



Mysta Paqk is a reggae/dancehall performer who was born in Kingston, Jamaica and has been recording music professionally since he was a teenager. Now the most popular artist of his type in the Dallas, TX region, he insists upon projecting a positive vibe, though not opposed to having a good time as well (and composing the occasional naughty rhyme). “Hard work is the key to success,” he says, “only your best is good enough. I will put out nothing but good music, music that people can relate to in many ways.” Pick up Mysta Paqk’s debut single, Nah Stoop Lowand find yourself amazed by his tremendous gifts!




Youthful skronk from this exciting NC trio! Free downloads of their early demos here. We had almost given up on finding any good music in the Charlotte region – though actively searching for an act to sign, all we were hearing anywhere down there was bad metal, Christian music, and 1970s sounding r & b that, while decent enough, is not exactly our forte. Then we stumbled upon these inventive noise rockers, who bring both racket and melody, and we knew we had to sign them.

Pick up their debut album, Snuggle Buddynow!

Powerless Rise:

This Pennsylvania quartet somehow mixes modern rock with a scuzzy 1970s-ish vibe and makes it all work, thanks to their catchy melodies, powerhouse drumming and the dynamic vocals of Kayla Marie. We are pleased to announce the release of their latest EP, Chaosavailable now on Amazon and a number of other fine retailers:

  1. Izo The Butcher
  2. Roses And Thornes
  3. Chaos
  4. The Powerless Rise


Quigley G:



After joining Goofy Guys for their 3rd album, 1991’s The Flush, Quigley played a pivotal role on a number of releases before going AWOL and getting the boot in the latter portion of that decade. He was finally reinstated in February 2001, and has since contributed mightily to that band’s rebirth. A talented multi-instrumentalist, singer, and producer, he has also kept busy releasing his own solo music and touring when the schedule permits. For the latter half of 2017 and early parts of 2018, he has also been busy in the studio, hard at work on a long awaited solo studio album.


1992  Destructo

1993  Jerry’s Meatloaf ’76 (EP)

2003  Live At Lonno’s 12-20-95



Quigley G Pandora station

Rick Lally:

A founding member of 3 Bricks Shy, Rick also occasionally breaks out on his own with the expected tasteful precision. This skilled, veteran singer/songwriter plays out often, so be sure to check out a live show – and also be sure to check out his latest solo album, It’s High Time. This is an all new collection of tunes written at various stages of his career, including his first ever, penned as a teenager. And while you’re at it, be sure to pick up some of his previous work as well, available now on Amazon:

Down In Jamaica

Acoustic Dreams

He also maintains an interesting and cool looking website, which you can find here: http://RickLally.com.

Rick Lally on Bandcamp

Rick Lally SoundCloud page


Rota is one of our newest signees, with a track on the forthcoming Suitable For Public Consumption compilation album. When we asked him for a little biographical material, here’s what he had to say:

“Rota is a do-gooder lawyer by day and a rapper/spoken word poet by night and he needs both of these to stay sane. He is currently in the process of moving to Ann Arbor to supervise students who provide free representation to veterans at Michigan Law School. He is a proud member of Rogue Tendency in Champaign, Illinois, and the Nocturnals and the Interfaith Poets in Chicago. You can’t miss him. He’s the tallest Jew for miles.”

We anticipate hearing more new music from him soon, but for now, check out the infectious track above!

Searching For Olives

Decidedly lo-fi Ohio outfit cranked out a bunch of albums in the early 90’s, then abruptly disappeared in 1995 after recording two songs for their would be opus, Circus Die. A sampling of their actual releases:

1993 Olive Oil (EP)

1994 Keep Off

Mean Mr. Mustard

Doggy Treats

Searching For Olives Pandora station

The Knives:


New Zealand indie rock band The Knives

An indie rocker from New Zealand, The Knives is really just a one man band, Ricky Jones, who specializes in catchy lo-fi modern rock. When asked recently for a little bit of background information, this is what he had to say:

“I’m a self taught, multi instrumentalist, singer songwriter (from wellington), and nearly (getting close) producer, who is influenced by everything in the world. This will be my debut EP as the knives. Ive been compared to Lou Reed more times than i can count, although, I’ve never listened to his music. the knives is a project striving to be unique, original, and innovative – with a will to be different, i wanna break some genre barriers, and some moral conventionalities.”

We are currently preparing his debut EP for release, and it should be available in June 2018.



Hailing from Athens, Greece, Ulisseus is multilingual and specializes in a style you might term world music meets hiphop, but at any rate is very distinct, a creation truly his own.


Val Barin:

 Purse Of Old Crows (2012) – Las Vegas’s most preeminent folk artist shines in debut effort

We like that Val Barin, a young though somewhat seasoned Las Vegas troubadour, offers the complete antithesis of everything his hometown is known for: in this city of glamour and neon, he breaks out the acoustic and sings clear, direct modern folk music. If you happen to be vacationing there, check the events calendar, because chances are he’s gracing a stage somewhere more nights than not. In the meantime, give a listen to his two brand new songs here, and dig deeper into the 2012 release Purse Of Old Crows, an album full of soothing melodies and chiming guitars.



Val Barin Pandora station


This exciting breakout EDM artist from Texas has actually be on the scene for a little while, though using different monikers and experimenting with diverse forms. Recently he opened for Childish Gambino and his debut single, Enough, is one of our most successful ever. Check out his exciting release in its entirety, available now on Amazon:










North Carolina techno gods’ 2008 effort, Exogamy

Although Durham, NC combo Wedlock describes itself as “electro-indie pop,” their style is a bit more complex than such a light designation might imply. While techno and EDM are prominent components, true, and there’s always a compelling hook, lyrically they tackle thought provoking issues, while the music incorporates elements of disco, funk, reggae, and dare we say even a vague summer party vibe at times. They also have a substantial following in England and have been our best selling artists each of the last three years.

Available now on iTunes: their Black Sundress single



Wedlock Pandora station

XT Force:

solo mayhem from Goofy Guys ringleader


1993      XT

1994     All Hallow’s Eve

1995     Afflicted w/ Small Pox

               33-45-78 (EP)

1997     Lloyd

singles available from iTunes:

Fight Test

Iceberg Ahead

Local League


That’s My Brother

In late ’98, while working on a follow up to his fourth album, XT suffered catastrophic damage to the recording console in his makeshift studio. At the time, he estimates having about two complete reels of material recorded, some complete songs, some merely sketches. Considering he has yet to issue another release under his name in any form, it’s safe to say he never really recovered from this loss.

Still, rumblings have begun to surface that a career reboot is in the works. Then again, there have been false starts before – in the summer of 2003, he found one of the two reels that had been presumed permanently lost, though was disappointed to discover  that most of the material was not as good as he remembered. Thus, it was back to the proverbial drawing board. Always using his solo efforts either for down moments or for material that his primary band, Goofy Guys, had turned down, he also found himself occupied with getting that group on its feet again after a lengthy hiatus.

Strictly speaking, even while placing three songs to date on our various compilation discs (Local League and Iceberg Ahead in 2011, That’s My Brother in 2012), he has still yet to finish a single brand new track in sixteen years, as all three of those date back entirely or in part to the aborted late 90’s sessions: Iceberg Ahead was left intact, as is, from its 1997 recording, while for Local League he merely deleted one guitar part from the mix and snipped the running time down some. For That’s My Brother he did cut a completely new vocal, but it too was otherwise a salvaged unreleased track from the previous decade.

Nonetheless, XT insists he is hard at work on a full length solo effort, with a handful of songs completed already. A late 2018 release date is unlikely, but possible.

XT Force Pandora station

Zach Lunsford:

This country artist from Georgia brings an amazing voice, distinctive songwriting, and a unique hybrid sound combining both modern and traditional styles. He plays out often both on his own and with a trio, featuring his own material as well as choice covers in either configuration. His debut album, Hold My Ownhas also sold more copies than any other full length release in our history.


Exquisite Noise’s World Music Ambassador

Zayed Hassan is what you might call a world music artist, specializing often in entirely self-played instrumentals, based out of Dhaka, Bangladesh. Among all of our artists, Zayed surely has the largest following, which is a testament to his talent – recently, he won a contest sponsored by Linkin Park for original music creation, in honor of his track, “Leap Of Faith.”

Leap Of Faith – available now on Amazon



Zayed Hassan Pandora station

Interested in joining the Exquisite Noise roster? Whether artist or author, contact us at exquisitenoise@gmail.com for details!

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