XT Force’s Tips, Tricks, and Pointers

7. Useful chart for filtering out background noise

6. Great article on simple EQ tricks for both live and in the studio:


5. Invaluable Advice On Contracts You Need As A Musician:


4. Absolutely Essential YouTube Tips

3. Pros And Cons Of Using Compression On Your Mixes

2. Okay, kiddies, lately I’ve been inspired (you might say pressured, dangled off the balcony a la Vanilla Ice by Suge Knight’s thugs) to resume a series briefly flirted with on the old blog before my mind wandered off to other things. This time around, I promise to stick a little more diligently to the task at hand, which is this: to share, as the title of this page would suggest, all the little nuggets of wisdom I’ve acquired as Exquisite Noise’s primary scout for every obscure angle an independent musician needs in this modern era. Some of it is going to go against the grain. Some of it might be dumb. Some of it you’ve probably heard elsewhere. But here and there, I hope to at least steer both those signed to this roster, and those who may stumble upon it accidentally (is there any other way?), in the correct direction, so they’re not wasting time with things I have found do not work, or impact their careers for the positive, through strategies that seem to get the job done.

Originally I tried to move things step by step in sequential order, but let’s just say…that ain’t happening, and I think it’s a major reason I became so overwhelmed by the task. Nowadays the plan is to simply relate whatever it is that pops into my brain. So without further ado, let the latest edition begin with…


No, I am not shilling for this site, I’m not wired for kickbacks there, and in fact I’ve yet to see any evidence whatsoever that you will ever ring up a single sale by uploading your tracks there. But by doing so, there’s a small feature they offer that ends up being a huge time saver killing at least three birds with one stone. Maybe another site out there can accomplish the same feat for you, except I’ve yet to find it, and official.fm does have a few other nifty advantages in being a) completely free to use, b) taking no cut of your sales at all (assuming you have any) until you cross a certain dollar threshold, but most importantly c) being simple to navigate. Aside from these points, the reason I’ve been using it a lot lately is that by uploading your songs, you can:

1. Have them synced to directly load to your YouTube channel as well

2. Have them synced to your SoundCloud account

3. Set your download preferences track by track, as in, whether you want to give this song away for free, whether you want to give it away in exchange for the fan’s email address, or whether you want to sell it. Incidentally, I recommend do a little bit of all three options here

The YouTube feature clearly has the most impact here, and I’m not sure why more sites haven’t implemented this. Granted, your “video” is going to consist of a single image, running for as long as your song plays, but that’s really beside the point. YouTube is the #1 music discovery service in the world now, and it has nothing to do with videos – this is where people go to hear songs. If you monetize your videos on YouTube (and I’m not sure why you wouldn’t), there’s a good chance that by simply uploading these single image jobbies there, you will take down a greater royalty than whatever it is you’re making from the much ballyhooed Spotify (did you know that Muve Music has more paid subscribers than Spotify? Probably not). Plus, because Google owns YouTube now, when people are searching for your band (or, again, accidentally stumbling upon it), the YouTube video is going to place mighty high in the rankings when people, um, Google it.

That’s it for today’s lesson. I might be a complete moron, but ReverbNation doesn’t appear to offer this feature, Facebook is a complete joke if you’re trying to promote your music (don’t get me started on that topic), and I have loved last.fm or the old MySpace in my time, yet both seem to have outlived their usefulness now. I can think of no other site that offers what seems like a few no brainers here, those that official.fm is providing. Give it a shot, and by all means let me know what you think.

1. Free Programs Useful For Any Musician On A Shoestring Budget: 

a. Audacity

b. Any Audio Converter


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